Agent: ‘Peres will play if he can’

Bruno Peres’ agent doesn’t know if the Roma man can face Lyon but “if he can, he definitely will”. – Football Italia

Here’s What Happened During Part 1 Of The Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Finale

Chelsea, Jenelle, Kailyn and Leah wrapped up their respective journeys — for now — during tonight’s episode – MTV News

Fact check: No evidence jobs data was ‘manipulated’

President Trump’s chief budget officer claimed — without any evidence — that “the Obama administration was manipulating the numbers” to make the nation’s unemployment rate “look smaller.” – USA Today

Winter Storm Stella is here: What you need to know

Sleet instead of snow? You have a “warm-air sandwich” to thank for that. – USA Today

Fact check: How accurate were CBO’s Obamacare predictions?

So, was the Congressional Budget Office really “way, way off … in every aspect” of how it predicted that Obamacare would work, as the White House claims? No, it wasn’t. – USA Today

Jason Chaffetz uses Rosie O’Donnell’s tweets to fundraise

Rosie O’Donnell may be helping a congressional campaign, but not in the way she intended. – USA Today

Trump gives CIA expanded authority over drone strikes

President Trump expanded the CIA’s authority to conduct drone strikes against suspected militants. Under the Obama administration, the Pentagon conducted strikes. The CIA would locate and follow militants before Department of Justice drones ultimately carried out the strike.
Video provided by TheStreet – USA Today

Winter Storm Covers DC Streets in Snow, Slush

It was spared the worst of the storm, but a mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain is delaying school and work in the nation’s capital, Tuesday. Officials are urging people to stay off the roads while crews clear them. (March 14) – USA Today

Top 25 Cities in the World Are All Outside the U.S.

Vienna topped the ranking, for the eighth year in a row – Time

7 Signs of a Nervous Breakdown

The stressor can be anything from grief to extreme fatigue – Time

TOISA 2017 Nominations | Times of India Sports Awards 2017 Nominations

TOISA 2017 Nominations: Times of India Sports awards nomination in all the sports categories. – The Times of India

Modi favourite for 2019 Lok Sabha elections: US experts – Times of India

BJP will now pick up a lot of seats in Rajya Sabha which would help the ruling party to carry out its long pending reform like the land acquisition reform and labor reforms. They would tart picking up seats is early as 2018. BJP is looking at 2019 and beyond. – The Times of India

SC has ordered floor test in Goa assembly on March 16 – The Times of India

Results from the recently concluded assembly elections in UP, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa, and party-wise poll results on The Times of India. Stay with us for live updates – The Times of India