Accidental Cuppa Design: The Silk Sample Sacks that Turned into Tea Bags – 99% Invisible

Bags are to tea as filters are to coffee, each classic consumer staples integrated into our basic conception of these hot drinks. But tea bags were no genius creation designed to revolutionize the market for this age-old product. In fact, the man credited with popularizing this “invention” didn’t even realize what he held in hand — until, that is, – Hacker News

Sign up for Praguecrunch V now!

Almost every year my buddy Jack Deneut has helped set up PragueCrunch, our kind-of-semi-annual celebration of Czech startups. And it’s happening again this.. – Hacker News

The World’s Most Dangerous Librarian Knew How to Build an Atomic Bomb

While dodging accusations of communism, Charlotte Serber made the nuclear bomb possible. – Hacker News

You can order an Uber for those who shun the app

Uber is adding a new feature that lets you arrange a pickup for friends, family, and even Uber boycotters. Although an existing option to set a different pickup… – Engadget

‘Dishonored’ studio co-founder steps down after 18 years

Colantonio wants to spend time with his son and reflect on his future. – Engadget

Dish knows hotel TV sucks and it wants to help

The new Evolve service combines centrally managed servers with Chromecast and HD television offerings. – Engadget

Dropbox collects privacy settings into a security checkup page

Dropbox now lets you review which services can access your account and change your password, all from one page. – Engadget

Intel’s SSD 545s has size and speed at an affordable price

Intel has released an SSD that crams lots of flash memory into an affordable yet speedy package. – Engadget

You won’t need cable to watch the Premier League next season

NBC Sports will offer cord-cutters a streaming package for Premier League matches. – Engadget

Trump to Nominate Textron Executive For Pentagon Acquisition Post

If confirmed, Ellen Lord would become the Pentagon’s chief weapons buyer. – Fortune

Widespread Disdain for ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli is Making Jury Selection Difficult

Potential jurors variously described Martin Shkreli as “evil” and a “snake” – Fortune

New Cars Are Unaffordable for Most Americans

In some areas of the U.S, median incomes dragged, making new cars unaffordable to many. – Fortune